We believe that every student is tremendously valuable to our Heavenly Father. In fact, He made each person unique, special, and in His own image. This serves as a beautiful reminder on two levels; I know that I am worthwhile, and that fellow man is too.



We believe that each student has been created with a specific purpose in this life. Jesus Christ loved us enough to sacrifice Himself so that we might truly live. He tells us that when we lose our lives, we will really find them. In this, we begin to see our true purpose. 



Understanding and believing in Jesus' work on the cross is a wonderful thing, yet it's only the beginning. As our discipleship walk with Him develops, we begin the process of learning to listen and take direction from Him in each and every area of our lives. 

When We Meet

Sundays // 9:30am

Sunday mornings are a great time of fellowship with our students. The mood is usally relaxed as we share the stories of our weeks with one another. We always spend some much needed time in God's Word and strive to hear what He has for us each week. Our goal is for students to leave knowing that they have a close group of friends here at Memorial clapping them on towards Jesus amidst the highs and the lows. 

Wednesdays // 6:00pm

Wednesdays tend to be a night of fun and excitement with our students, because who doesn't need that in the middle of a long week? You can expect music, games, and a whole lot of encouragement from God's Word. Our goal is for students to leave with the energy and confidence to handle the rest of their weeks in a Christlike fashion. Come hang! 

Jeff Watts

Student Minister

Jeff has been on staff with Memorial since April of '16. He's passionate about discipling students and helping them find their true value, purpose, and direction in Christ. He loves spending time with his wife Hannah, his family and friends, playing guitar, and the occasional round of golf. Feel free to contact him if you have any questions! 

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